Discover the secrets of my region’s recipes while enjoying the unique beauty of the Amalfi Coast; a coastal region with its stunning landscape that many have fallen in love with. For those who would like to combine their travel adventures with a “cooking adventure”, we offer cooking lessons that are 100% Mediterranean, using only quality ingredients sourced locally (in the true sense of Zero Kilometre and Slow Food). Each dish, be it bruschetta, fresh pasta or chocolate cake, is according to its traditional recipe that has been handed down over the generations, always staying true to the original flavours. I will share these recipes with you and show you how tradition can be served with a modern touch that gives that “wow” factor. You will be shown step-by-step how to prepare each dish, how to knead pasta dough, fillet fish and even how to stuff zucchini flowers. Each step is very much a tactile experience, so let your hands do all the work and become an Italian Chef for the day!



For me, creating delicious concepts, you first have to love cooking with a passion, and then be prepared to work hard and persevere. I always believe that the most essential ingredient for a chef is understanding ‘the culture of food’. With this understanding, creating your very own style of cooking naturally unfolds. From a very young age, the concept of cooking really intrigued me, especially every time I watched my mother prepare our family meals. I started helping out in the kitchen and found that I really enjoyed cooking. I was only 15 years old when I started cooking professionally. Over time, travel has been an essential component in developing my skills as a chef. In my cooking class I want to not only show how delicious food is created, but also create an experience that is informative, fun and memorable. Cooking for me is a gesture of love; magic that transports me back to those wonderful childhood years in our family kitchen.

Signature - Chef of Valle delle Ferriere Cooking Class - Diego Criscuolo

"Cooking is like love.It should be entered into with abandonor not at all."

Harriet Van Horne

"This is my invariable advice to people:learn how to cook, try new recipes,learn from your mistakes, be fearless,and above all have fun!"

Julia Child

"Cooking is time and memory"

Gualtiero Marchesi


A professional photographic record of your Cooking Class.

Valle delle Ferriere Cooking Class loves not only cooking, but all forms of art and that is precisely why we offer a professional photographic record of each class. Thanks to the collaboration of our very own local talented photographer, Daniele will capture the best moments; candid, action shots that create a personalised photographic record of you being an Italian Chef for the day. Lasting memories of an extraordinary cooking experience .